Track Record

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Managing Growth and Development

  • Established 212 Davis Drive-the first high rise rental building in York region in over 30 years
  • Introduced a motion to limit the size of infill homes in established neighbourhoods
  • Targeted 1.5% annual growth-lowest in York Region
  • Supported directing density and growth to Yonge and Davis Corridors, as outlined in Newmarket’s Official Plan
  • Supported new Mulock GO station and secondary plan
  • Opposed the Clock Tower redevelopment at 7 stories - protecting our downtown heritage district
John Taylor: Building Parks and Trails
  • Supported the purchase of Mulock Farm-Newmarket's park of the future
  • Opened 2 new community splash pads in under serviced areas
  • Led community effort to rebuild a new park for Maple Leaf School at NO expense to the taxpayer
  • Fundraised over 850,000 dollars towards a new Outdoor Arena to be built in 2020
  • Worked with Council to build and program the award winning River Walk Commons
  • Introduced first accessible trail in York Region for people with disabilities
John Taylor: Environmental Leadership
  • Passed Newmarket's Community Energy Plan - a blue print for sustainability
  • Established Newmarket’s first Electronic Waste Recycling Day eliminating over 50 tonnes of electronic waste from landfill
  • Co-founded 'Ride Your Bike To Work Day'
  • Chair of Town of Newmarket 'Earth Hour' Committee
  • Supporter of Climate Wise - a program to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint
Responsible Spending and Controlling Taxes
  • Maintained taxes below GTA average
  • Introduced a substantive budget motion during each term of Council to cut spending on various line items in the budget
  • Increased Newmarket’s reserve funds every year this term
  • Decreased Newmarket’s debt every year this term (with exception of Mulock Farm in 2018)
Social Responsibility and Strong Communities
  • Championed Regional Strategy to establish new rental housing options for seniors, youth and families.
  • Co-sponsored a Syrian Refugee Family in 2017
  • Championed motion to provide reduced transit fares for those on disability support
  • Established “Newmarket Children’s Dream Foundation” raising over $200,000 for playground and equipment for Kids in Newmarket
  • Co-Founder of Newmarket Gala for the Arts, raising over $250,000 for Arts and Culture organizations in Newmarket
  • Received the 2009 Heart and Stroke Provincial Award for Volunteer Excellence